Why You Should be Fashionably on Time


Time is money – an old tidbit of wisdom that many people take for granted. You ever have one of those days where you find yourself waiting for what seems to be an awfully long time for someone to show up? If not, maybe you are that someone. Or maybe you’ve experienced both sides.  Either way, someone’s time is being wasted, and it doesn’t feel good. Sure, we all have busy lives, and sometimes, something unexpected happens that slows us down – but there are certainly times that we, or someone we know is running late due to poor planning.  We need to start planning to be fashionably on time, whatever the case may be. In doing so, we’ll start to place more importance on how we spend our time, and therefore, become more happy with our improved productivity. It also doesn’t hurt that our friends and family will be pleased with our punctuality and respect for their time. So, if you find yourself often running late, even by a few minutes, here are three things you can do to make a change:

1. Wake up a little bit earlier

Even if you need to set your alarm five to ten minutes earlier than usual, it can be the difference maker. You will probably even find that those minutes have zero impact on your sleep quality, and maybe you’ll even start waking up earlier, and feeling better.

2. Account for traffic when you decide on a time to leave

Traffic or other forms of commute can cause all kinds of delays. By taking this into account, you are more likely to be successful in arriving on time. If you’re going somewhere you haven’t been before, plan for even more delays, just in case. After a while, you’ll get the hang of judging how much extra traffic or commute time you’ll need to plan for.

3. Use a timer for tasks

If you sometimes find yourself losing track of time, or spending too much time on certain tasks, set a timer on your phone for a designated amount that you want to spend on each task. This will keep you focused and productive since you’ll know you are limited on time.

Even if you only experience being late sometimes, give these three things a shot and see what a difference they can make in your day-to-day state of happiness and productivity. You will really start to find that you have more time in the day for things you enjoy, and your efforts in being on time will be appreciated by others.

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